Off the Wall Audiovisual Off the Wall Audiovisual

Over the years we have helped set the standards for live audio by providing unmatched reliability and a powerful, clean sound tailored to fit any room.

The diversity of our client engagements has challenged us to innovate and grow. In the span of a day the needs may change from supporting a new product presentation in the morning, to enabling an interactive training session that afternoon, with the day ending by staging a lively night of entertainment. And if the client needs to pack it up and move it cross-country for a repeat performance, we have the transportation and logistical experience to make that happen as well.

To meet the ever-changing industry requirements we have accumulated and maintained an inventory of state-of the-art audio components. These include, but are not limited to:


JBL VRX: 932, 932 LAP, VRX 918, VRX 918 SP
JBL Vertec line array systems: VT 4889, 4888, 4887, 4886, 4880
JBL SRX: 712 M
Clair Brothers: 12 AM Wedges


Crown IT series amplifiers - IT 6000 model
Crown MA 5002 VZ, MA 3600 VZ
HD series amplifiers - HD 9000


Brands: Shure, Beyer, AKG Crown, Countryman, Fishman, Sennheiser,
Types: wireless, hand-held, lavaliere, headset


Shure - SM 700, SM 900 series, P6HW Hard wired
Sennheiser - G3 & G2 systems


Digital: Yamaha, Digi Designs,
Analogue: Yamaha, Midas


Pro Tools


Mixers: Pioneer DJM 800, Rane TTM 57SL and TTM 56S
Turntables: Technique SL 1200, SL 1210, SL 1200 mk5
CD: Pioneer CDJ 2000, CDJ1000MK 3 PRO


Variety of drum sets, keyboards, guitar and bass amplifiers and percussion; call to discuss or send rider information.

Our experience, the quality and depth of our gear, and our passion for what we do, is why many of our clients hire us year after year. Call us today to discuss how we can shape your sound to reach its maximum effect.


Miami's Sight & Sound Professionals

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