Off the Wall Audiovisual Off the Wall Audiovisual

System Design

The art and science of building a professional audiovisual system starts with a thorough understanding of a client’s objectives. Once the event's criteria and specifications have been finalized, we produce a functional design in which each technical component is integrated to create a singular, well-balanced environment.

Project Management

A successful event requires detailed preparation and smart execution. Off the Wall Audiovisual is expert at planning, organizing, securing and managing the resources needed to produce a world-class event. In addition to our core product offering – sound, lighting, video and staging – we can assist with all aspects of coordinating your endeavor. Whether it is the placement of tables to optimize flow and capacity, or where to find a vegan chef overnight, we are dedicated to ensuring that your event is as controlled, and ultimately, as comfortable, as you intended.

Event Production

We staff each event with an onsite manager and a production team consisting of, but is not limited to, master electrician, lighting designer, audio engineer, programmer, cameraman and production technicians. Our job is to enable the performer to stay in the moment. Our focus is on making the moment memorable.


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Wedding Party; Lionel Richie & The Pussy Cat Dolls

Wedding Party; Lionel Richie & The Pussy Cat Dolls