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Off the Wall Audiovisual works with designers and planners to create rock-solid staging platforms for corporate and theatrical events. From the complex, multi-faceted configurations that drive today’s biggest acts, to the quieter, lower key settings appropriate for any kind of service or affair, our seasoned team of professionals see to it that each stage is built to your exact specifications, and always – always - with a keen focus on safety and durability.

As with all of our audio, lighting and video equipment inventories, our staging environments are thoroughly tested and well maintained. We are proud to say that our stages, like our safety record, are spotless.


Clear Com
Production Intercom
HME wireless systems


Drape in various color and heights
Traveler curtains


Complete stages, risers, roofs


We have the vehicles, experience and relationships to make it happen anywhere, anytime.

Our rigorous approach to stage management and meticulous execution of your design ensures we will deliver a premier solution that fits your budget and your vision. To find out how, give us a call today to discuss your next event in the Miami / Palm Beach / Caribbean area.


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